Thursday, March 17, 2011

i thought i got a job but??

I wonder if i got a job?
I am not sure myself.
however...I heard this over the websites..
i googled the company....i wonder what is true?

I wonder what is this about?
Did I get con and turn the other offer down?
it's quite sad eii?
I need a job really :(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is history attacking again?

I was talking to my friend Jeanie and this is what she says watching the news over in Berlin ,Germany.
there is a scale. tschernobyl was the biggest nuclear catastrophy in the world with a scale of 7. there are 7 scales u can measure it. japans catastrophy is getting on the scale of5-6 till now. when its getting on scale 7, its the most worse scenario u can have in nuclear catastrophy.
old atomic energy is stored in container, the people and politics dont actually know where to put it. its stored for years in this container at some places
no i wont, its too late for this japanise nuclear power plant
they just can try to fix it somehow with cooling dowm the thing... and trying that i wont explode again
but the poison is already getting out
its not TOO LATE to try to safe it, but its too late to just shut it down. they vant cause the nuclear needs to be cooled down. its a kind circle... like heating, creating energy and cooling down.. the problem is, that the power plant got hit and the cooling down with water is not working anymore.

just humans have to live with the follow-up. earthquakes, climate change, vulanos, tsunami,.......................
live and survive
and change
start to respect nature more

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Someone added me

I had a friend request over...facebook.
I had this person on list before I think?
however...decided to take a look at his blog and it is funny.
for friends who can speak Malay .
DO visit this website to have a great laugh.

hope u have fun reading!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

tried a new thing

it was being an extra actress and it was damn tiring!!! geez....
waiting and waiting alot.
oh was a new exposure for me.
Had this thick make up all night.
definitely not me but every does i guess.
sweat and mosquitoes at the venue.
but is not easy yea?
more things to learn in future to come.
I met a lot of type of people.
some that boast,some that think they can act but can't?
i personally don't know how was my acting but
wasn't hard to be screaming and being scared of frogs!!!
which i am obviously.