Friday, November 23, 2012

busybody, spy and just can't let it go

Life is about learning and moving on, when it's over.
It's not like you have to fret and tell the world about it...
Let it go and move on.
I live my life the way I want,who are you to say that it's all tied up?
Islam is a nice religion so are others but I choose to be a muslim,
why do people have to have a problem with that?
What do you mean no freedom?
life is about choices and how you want it to be,
so being  a christian,buddhist,taoism or what so ever has the freedom? to do what????????
Drinking alcohol? eating pork?
The contain of pork's bacteria never dies even when it's cooked in water at a 100 degrees so is that good?
Alcohol, really good? It is just doing bad to our bodies and killing your liver.
There's a reason why Islam forbid all these.
I don't see a bad to it.
And to pray 5times? it's to remind you that god exist ,to do good and a moment a few days a day to clear your head and it helps you stretch as well.
I am happy with my life, if u're not with yours don't say that mine is not...find your life and way to live.
Stop speaking of others when you yourself don't know what you're doing and always uncertain of things.
Make up your mind and live happily coz we live only once in a lifetime.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Feeling more challenged

I feel more challenged as time passes by with the amount of things needed to be done,really it is not easy.
I think of more than a person now,
it's to fit the situation of my lil one soon.
I hope all goes well and whatever decision I make is not too difficult for the future.
I have a pair of hands like others, it's about what I want and how I can do it.
What's going to be good?
What type of achievements am I aiming for?
It's hard to judge from not starting anything,
the next thing I want to do is start sewing small things
because it makes me happy :)

Friday, November 2, 2012


I went for lunch, as usual mostly by myself.
However today I decided to eat around the office area, I sat with two women.
They were a mother and daughter.
The shop was full and i thought why not just bump into this table.
I started talking as usual, the talkative me!
I found them both friendly, I spoke mostly to the mother.
She was very friendly as well and gave me advices for the little one.
After eating we all were leaving the table and she offered to pay for my meal.
It was a shock that I hardly knew her and she was going to pay for my meal.
I refused but she insisted , I was thankful.
There are still kind people on these earth I guess.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

If just we can explain why...

Stated all over articles that cancer of the liver is among one of the most serious ones.
When a person is diagnosed it's normally at a late stage of the cancer because
cancer of the liver is one kind of cancer that has no symptoms until it has become serious.
I have heard of bedah makrifat that is done on patients with the islamic holy Quran.
I am not sure how real or true this is but many people i read over the internet seen it and some experienced. My dad on the other hand had his friend who went for the treatment at Shah Alam
with a man that is not a doctor but treated his friend.
Dad's friend had a bad back pain was operated and after the seal it was just a line.
What a miracle. I don't know what is done is halal /haram. However it's said that bedah batin is not the right way whereas bedah makrifat is the islam way, but I am uncertain.
I know that things we don't expect happens.
I read too that if there is no cure, god wouldn't have created something without a cure.
It's sometimes to let us feel alert and challenge ourselves.
Another thing could be to make people bond with one another.
I'll just keep praying, talking in a state of my own mind is a prayer to me.
Ofcourse in my actual praying sessions I will too.
Whoever who reads this people do pray along with me for the good health of my uncle.