Thursday, November 10, 2011

makan hati?

until when?
the fact that when toooooo many people lives under 1 roof so many shit happens.
I can't stand this shit...
complaining in my ears.
I eat together to join in so give company,
not to listen to people complaining.
complain no food but don't bother to eat properly.
I pity the poor without food.
You with food but always waste!
such a bad thing to do.
it's sad that you are this way.
Please just stop doing that in my ears.
I can't stand it.
I want to run far away, so many times I have.
The only way to tahan all this shit is not to be around you all so much.
I got other commitments.
So much work yet want to spend time but all this shit?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to be proud if this happens in Malaysia?

Malaysian imigation has a bad attitude! I passed raya cookies to my maid for her kakak back in indonesia. The imigration officer stopped her ask her to take out the cookies, as she left,they started eating it! what the hell? Malaysia law is so terrible! no enforcement,big bullies to foreigners.
This is the worse scenario I heard from someone i know in the airport. If you stop her and took it ,throw it away, not eat it...fucked up people..
Malaysia? a fair good country?
where is justice?
Poor indonesian's getting bullied.
Every dog has its day.
I hope that officer does not have an easy life.
Terrible,bad people,it wasn't Halal for them because they stole it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 2011

This year is flying,by the year end?
it's over!~
wow...and 6months from then before i graduate...
omg time flies.
drank too much chinese tea again,not asleep.
What's new?
nothing apart from I am going to make another quiche 2row.
this time it's going to be tuna quiche...
got to get cream and butter tomorrow.
The rest?
I have,still in stock.
My vanilla essence of's all gone..hahaha.can't believe how much i've been baking recently.
Certainly a new hobby?or a long hidden talent.
When what u bake becomes's just perfecto

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lasagna is very simple

Lasagna is sooooooooooo simple,maybe because i used the pasta sheet too but if i made my own sheet it would have been nicer I bet!
own sheet has to be kneaded with water and wheat flour though.
cook cream sauce-use cream,milk ,butter , cheddar cheese and some salt + pepper.
soak pasta sheet in hot water.
cook minced beef in tomato paste and mix in carrots,pepper ,salt, parsley, onions and garlic.
lay the pasta sheet at the bottom then layer the meat mixture,
Add a layer of cream white sauce,
2nd layer of the pasta sheet,layer of white sauce,the meat mixture
white sauce again then layer the 3rd layer of pasta sheet,
This time a very thin layer of meat mixture,white sauce then load of cheddar and mozarella cheese.
Preheat the oven at 200 celcius microwave oven.
Bake at 180 degree microwave oven for about 20-25minutes.
Your lasagna is DONE.

Before it's cooked

After it's cooked

Quiche successful

Like i said I was going to make a quiche?
or didn't I?
I always loved quiche.
They say the spinach quiche goes well with feta.
However in Malaysia feta cost so much.
I bought cream instead and cheese ofcourse
cheddar+ mozarella.
Things I used were 2cups of wheat flour press into half a butter cube which was about 120g.
Recipe said to cut the butter into cubes then press the flour in.
The butter isn't suppose to be mashy because then there's no more space?
I didn't get it however. add in a teaspoon of salt i added milk total about almost half a cup of the flour earlier and slight water till the dough sticks together.
The roll out the dough until it looks even and place over the baking pan.
preheat microwave oven at 200degree celcius.
Put the dough in and bake for 8-10minutes,does not have to turn brown,as long as it's cooked n slight harden.
As for the mixture of the filling.
i bought too much spinach , it has to be boiled then squeeze the water out and stir fry with diced onions.
It is too your liking.How much onions you want to add in.
Do add a little salt to flavour and pepper.
Put this spinach mixture into the dough tray.
Next slice some tomatoes and add into the tray.
Sprinkle the cheddar over all those heavy ingredients.
You will need to use about 6-7eggs and cream.
Beat this mixture and add tinge of salt and pepper again.
Pour this mixture into the tray ,you can use a fork to slightly lighten the mixture,just so it sets in between the spinach.
Now the top crust part sprinkle a little more cheddar and mozarella .
This I baked for 180degree microwave oven at low heat. for 10minutes
and another 10 at 200 degree microwave oven at low heat.

Good Luck.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Up next on my menu would be Quiche

I always love to eat spinach quiche back in Australia.
I would go for it weekly or maybe at least once a month.
Or whenever i get a chance.
Now I am going to learn to make the things i love to eat.
ain't that the best?
being able to make something you like to eat?
Not depending on others?
I don't know where the inspiration came from but...
here goes I am going to try to make all sorts.
first was the Pan Mee ,currypuff.
Then cakes, cookie and now my Quiche.
Will post up the recipe once my Spinach quiche turn out well.
hopefully by tomorrow?hurmm....
i'm already feeling hungry

The successful semperit cookie

Semprit is finally done!
i mixed up
400g of corn flour (butterfly brand)
100g of custard powder(by craft,Bird )
100g of wheat flour(anchor/sauh brand)
250g of butter(buttercup)
200g of sugar(the recipe said castor but i added in normal fine sugar,it still went well)
1teaspoon of vanilla essence

Being me...always mixing all at once,however it's better to mix up the butter and sugar first then add in the flour because if not the flour would be spilling all over when trying to make the butter into small pieces.
Add in all then roll out dough and use the cookie cutter or some people use the pressed out machine to make shapes.
I used the microwave oven , at 160 degree for about 8-10minutes.
My microwave does not have a consistent flow of heat sometimes the cookies at the sides get cooked faster. However it's best to look see while shaping the others.
Do not forget to preheat the oven for about 3-4minutes pre baking.
goodluck on your Semperit cookie/biscuit.
It's my first attempt and I got it :) hope you do too.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Manik urai cookies and marble cake for raya

I did 1st round of cookies wasn't successful and now the 2nd roung was great.
As for the marble cake I had to make about 8times of cakse before i could achieve a nice cake!
It's finally the right texture. Not soggy at the bottom.
I followed the recipe on the MFM flour box with adds on my own recipe which was milk!
to make it less dry.

moving on...i want to try out the semperit cookies instead.
Semperit....gosh there are so many recipes over the internet i searched for recipe for semperit cookies...
Will upload which one i used later on when it's done!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Updated! click

2 days to balik Kampung.
I never felt more excited than this year.
Thing to do before leaving for raya.
Have to pack pack....
clothes for 5days, make sure all undergarments are included
* or else shopping again!
bake cakes for tomorrow to pack for Sunday.
Do not forget to take things bought and stored in the cupboard...
if lupa...alamak!
i think i better take it out first...
wow long list of things to do and learn.
super duper excited.
Bake a cake ,bake a cake...
target by october loose another 5kgs!!!!!!!!!
Ramadhan did help quite a bit.i lost almost 5kgs already!
Ramadhan does help a person to loose weight,however it shall not be put as priority.
DO eat or else you will be lethargic and might faint!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 days to raya?

Raya cookies sales are over....but now it's assignment time
and more assignments to come.
Raya, raya so excited to go to rumah mak...
miss the family.
To bad it's uncertain if everyone will be home or not?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I noticed

heaps of crazy women out there.
do all sorta shit for men?
but why do we keep doing so...
those movies,it's all real...
geez,this world is crazy isn't it?
The past did make me laugh a lot thinking back.
It was like kids arguing and fighting..
Why do people always accuse another without seeing why or how?
there has to be a reason for sure.
Oh god,please just let me live in peace for the coming future,
give me all the patience needed.
I am thankful for today.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The life novel

I am a human being, a small heart with a lot of ambition.
Created by God to fulfill the world.
I don't know what is exactly right or wrong.
The saying goes,follow your feelings but it's stated it's wrong to follow your feelings blindly.
so what is correct?
what is the aim in life?
what is certain?what needs to be chased?
how to achieve that goal?
It's not a bed of roses but a land of rocks and stones?
it's pretty harsh when you fall for sure.
I can never think at times what is right and wrong.
what is the next step to take?
How would i know? To HIM i pray and ask direction.
But what i receive is yet to be known.
is it truly from him or is it just what i think is right?
how to tell? Oh life is confusing isn't it?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Want to ride

Been planing on this Saturday to ride but....there doesn't seem good
Haven't ridden in a week.
down with Flu.
i even slept all day today.
This life is going upside down...
ohh well..where's the motivation coming from?
I have a meeting with Daniel on Monday,
wonder what he has for me?
a part time job?
sounds good ain't it?
when you pray and ask from God,
u'll mostly get what u want.
If u never ask,u never get.
I m just facing my bike,watching it sit there.
I want to get on it,it's in the house on the trainer...
but so hard..
i think maybe it's time to rest.
Been trying to juggle to many things at a time..
Last week was rather interesting, rode in a race.
I was 3rd overall the 2nd rider had a puncture.
When i turned back 5km to finish i saw the 'punctured' rider being pushed by her guy friend.
I then thought to fair?
she overtook me without him pushing....then I just kept up.
When he see me keeping up he finally decided to push her in front of my eyes.
I thought to myself,how am I to win this? I tried hard,but without the training?
I'm not going to make it.
It shows how fair the cycling in Malaysia is...
although it was a fun ride,..they already cheated,what if this kind of riders get selected for national races?
It would be a big embarrassment to the country. Outsider with then have a image of Malaysian national rider are all cheaters.
I can swear, I have never cheated in any races,although i was get accused!
God if quite fair so normally I still win with the hard training i put in.
If i ever go in another race although its for fun,i will make sure i am 80% fit.
This was its impossible for anyone to cheat.
and Yes I still miss my bike,can't wait next to ride.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The day passed? work.waiting for the quotes,how am I to follow up when i have not gotten the quotes back?
yer...i hate what i have to do!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This blog is so outdated!

Been going around for a bit.
MY new bike is lovely haven't had time to go on it that much
but I will..soon
This weekend scheduled to ride from bt14 and back total 155km.
yay,I wonder how I will survive?
But I want to do it!
motivate to do it.
Saturday would be the run..with Dee.'s to prepare me for a run that's coming up but.
m not confirmed on that either.
so whats new? my stomach is aching so bad still today!?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

stomach churning

it's not fun! and meetings so often :S
I want to be more calm..
my stomach hurts,doesnt allow me to be calm!
grrr :(
so sad...
I need to speak to u..but u're away in an island only god knows where!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Muhibbah Seafood @ dad's

It's our family all time gathering reunions just like many other families.
Although it's my dad's I seldom eat there.
Therefore everytime we eat...I overeat and end up being toooo full.
But I love a long list of it let me start.
Deep fried spring rolls,
Deep fried squids,
2 types of fishes the deep fried with soy sauce or the thai style one,
Beef,the only place i eat beef!!!! Black pepper beef,
chicken Lemon chicken is the most famous one,
I like my Hokkien Noodles because it is the only nice Halal one i tasted!
Yes,yes I am chinese but I do not take pork!
what else... Cantonese beef kuey teow, the wantan noodles soup!
we're on facebook too just search for

The address is abit senget...need to get a nicer pict of it huh?!?
Chinese Halal with reasonable pricing and relaxed place especially for family time....once again NYUMMMM

Sunday, April 17, 2011

bar stools

get some to enchance a beautiful look in your kitchen bar

sample of some dining chairsfor restaurants

chairs for a restaurant, at an average restaurant style.
check out the chairs they are so attractive

with chrome finish table legs/ stainless steel/epoxy silver legs

This is what I do

Minimalist Concepts ..
what is Minimalist?
basically we are a company that sell furnitures such as indoor and outdoor furniture as well as tableware.
If you are thinking of renovating anything, your home,office,shop.
Do look for me.
If you need consultation on what colour fits in, size of sofa,table needed?
plates for a new restaurant, it is certainly what we're good at too.
Our other popular item is definitely our Sofa's.
Premium fine fabric,custom made furnitures.
Oh but I am sorry we don't do cupboards.
but if you need a reference I do know some.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The ride?

I tell everyone,it's easy la...nothing is easier than cycling.
Now i finally understood why people say it's hard.
why do my friends feel upset when they get left behind or not being able to keep up feels depressing to some.
I felt the same.
and yes,being unfit sucks!
hey but you have to work for what u want.
All I want is my fitness back.
just to be in shape..about the competition?
haven't thought that far yet.
I am already comfortable now I guess that's why I am not thinking.
but not being able to keep up on a 70km ride?that sucks!

Monday, April 4, 2011

At a bicycle shop in Malaysia

Have you been to a place that someone shoots you in the face
even that u don't know them?
Well...if u want to try this....try visiting a bike shop in sea park area...
and you will then get your experience.
earlier today I brought a friend that was very keen on a new bicycle.
I told her that this bike shop offers a good range of bicycles.
Maria was very keen on the bicycles and this really good sales person entertained us.
later the owner said straight in my friends face ...
you are very short.
U're a very short girl ahh!
U didn't eat or what?
Ouch didn't that just insult my friend?
I was just stunned and so was she...
as we left he asked me some personal question on why did i change my appearance?
I said well it's done now....nothing can be turned back..
he continued again but it looks unnatural and ugly!
I mean which human that does sales has this kind of mouth?
No wonder 10years ago so many people avoided his shop?
But as a teenager I still went not wanting to realize the fact!
who cares now?
I am no longer cycling!!
Plus the truth came out...
To me it's just another day but if he said it to the wrong person...
aha..who knows what lands on his skin next?
to find out?wait for the future?!?!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not easy being me

I wish that life was simple.
At least I try to make it simple.
But there are way too many obligations to follow to please.
I am just a nut a big one.
i should keep it all inside me.
I want to let go but I dont know how.
The only time we meet is on the weekends but I have other things that has to be done.
I got to take care of my grandfather.
He is suffering Alzheimer a disease that is really hard to understand.
He forgets and keeps repeating the same forever,same old questions and sometime even scolds you for no reason or accuse u of something in his mind happens but not.
It's stressful I can understand from my mum's side how she is feeling but also from my grandfathers side what he is feeling being followed all day by someone.
It's just a big stress and something no one understands.
I have very limited time to spend, I try to be a good person.
But i think I fail, i try to make most people happy but i guess I am not pleasing enough?
what should i do?
I am not good in anything at all.I am useless, just useless and no use to anyone accept when help is needed.
I am ignored, I need to talk to someone but I have no one.
Always occupied,hate the military,taking him away from me.
There is no time,for anything!!! NO LIFE.
Makes me more stress,i thought get a weekday job so i have the weekend, end up...taking care of my grandpa?????
Until when do I have to go through this?
should i move on?
Get a house and live alone?
I don't even have a bed for heavens sake!
it's just pathetic to be in a place where I call home like that.
I need to scream my lungs out

Thursday, March 17, 2011

i thought i got a job but??

I wonder if i got a job?
I am not sure myself.
however...I heard this over the websites..
i googled the company....i wonder what is true?

I wonder what is this about?
Did I get con and turn the other offer down?
it's quite sad eii?
I need a job really :(

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is history attacking again?

I was talking to my friend Jeanie and this is what she says watching the news over in Berlin ,Germany.
there is a scale. tschernobyl was the biggest nuclear catastrophy in the world with a scale of 7. there are 7 scales u can measure it. japans catastrophy is getting on the scale of5-6 till now. when its getting on scale 7, its the most worse scenario u can have in nuclear catastrophy.
old atomic energy is stored in container, the people and politics dont actually know where to put it. its stored for years in this container at some places
no i wont, its too late for this japanise nuclear power plant
they just can try to fix it somehow with cooling dowm the thing... and trying that i wont explode again
but the poison is already getting out
its not TOO LATE to try to safe it, but its too late to just shut it down. they vant cause the nuclear needs to be cooled down. its a kind circle... like heating, creating energy and cooling down.. the problem is, that the power plant got hit and the cooling down with water is not working anymore.

just humans have to live with the follow-up. earthquakes, climate change, vulanos, tsunami,.......................
live and survive
and change
start to respect nature more

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Someone added me

I had a friend request over...facebook.
I had this person on list before I think?
however...decided to take a look at his blog and it is funny.
for friends who can speak Malay .
DO visit this website to have a great laugh.

hope u have fun reading!!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

tried a new thing

it was being an extra actress and it was damn tiring!!! geez....
waiting and waiting alot.
oh was a new exposure for me.
Had this thick make up all night.
definitely not me but every does i guess.
sweat and mosquitoes at the venue.
but is not easy yea?
more things to learn in future to come.
I met a lot of type of people.
some that boast,some that think they can act but can't?
i personally don't know how was my acting but
wasn't hard to be screaming and being scared of frogs!!!
which i am obviously.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

being a hero

Had mozzie bites...
can't take it..
sis bought netting and tape...
it was too high
due to smartness stick the lower part and top part?ohh ooo...
so we had to come up with this idea

New Job Hunt

There are a few options I am looking at.
I really don't care what it is....
i just want a job nearer to home and off on at least sundays or weekends.
is that too much to ask?
i wonder.
I want a job...
but also...see money plays a role
collecting more money for my holiday

the other day at KFC i ate

i ate alot!!!

after all of these..i felt sick in the tummy wanting to puke
just wanted to eat and eat that feeling u know!
but realize.....never again!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


is that part of life?
I am so sick of it...
every small thing i get condamned?
well it feels that way.
I ask hopefully to get an answer?
not another question.
it's annoying!!!
I need my life back....
going out tonight.
Mr have been busy attending a course.
Am all alone.
this sucks....
my brain is fried up
I need to study and obviously this way I can't!!!
Need my life
SHa La La la laaaa....
Need my life
SHa la la la laaaa.....
oey oeeyy oooo
Here I move into my life
throwing away all the unwanted
Sha la la la laaa
here goes,
whatever, I am getting out of this place tonight

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Muhibbah Seafood's officially opened!

A whole lot of people arrived, roughly 1000pax?
well....the event would be said as successful

Thursday, February 17, 2011

life's obligations

is to be a sucked up person...
suck it up and move on...
for those who can't survive will normally suck up to people!
so they will survive...
or bribing malay we say KIPAS
which means fan someone.
to keep their cool....or to make they comfortable to get what u want.
this is in the daily scenarios.
however i suck at this so...
that's why I am no longer a cyclist!
that's why...
I say what i think is true, I am tooooo honest.
that's why I am no longer a Cyclist.
People dislike me for speaking the truth!
Well...good luck on the new members recruited.
yes they can suck up but to perform is another thing?
i thought there was suppose to be a standard? before able to participate in international games?
weren't there any?
I guess not anymore is there?

The long weekend awaits

Well slightly longer than before..i normally have one day or max 2 days .
since i worked ,havent had much time to shop or to...
look around.
I wish that i had more.
few days i have so many things on my mind.
Exams are really close now,
but how come, I don't feel like studying?
have i got sick of it?
would i be taking my degree?
i shall or else?
i get nothing for this year that has passed.
another year? again?
i guess it's meant to be.
it's to challenge me
and yes I do feel challenged.
I want to ride that bike again but just for fun this time.
I think it's still in me...
haven't ridden for a very long time but i did a 80km ride and
I am just fine?
ain't that bad am I?
anyway the weekend awaits.
Muhibbah Seafood's opening at Sg Penchala,
12pm Sunday afternoon but for invited guest only!

switch job /not?

i wonder...
i want a higher pay for my trip.
I want something more challenging.
now the question is how much would i be getting.
this would be a very big issue on me :)
I will survive ,yes i know.
but how much would i get?
it's yet to be determine,
i would wait until saturday.
to know how muchhhhh

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disgusting situations I encountered

When I when home,and return .
There was a gift...
had to wash the toilet!!!

When I was sick..i had to go to