Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Give us CYCLIST some space

Do YOU drive? a motorized vehicle? PLEASE be cautious because WE CYCLIST love cycling but wishes to get home safely to our love ones as well. What's the hurry when driving? Is it necessary to go so far and squeeze cyclist off the road? It's so sad that my friend is gone now, it's the second person I know that isn't around anymore due to the same reason hit by a car during cycling.
Dear drivers, if you are sleepy don't drive. If you want to get drunk , don't drive! Don't be selfish and think of the safety of others, do not do it if it is dangerous for yourself or anyone else on the road!

2 days ago I lost another friend.
Abg Rafizi Hamdan, I feel so sad when I see him number on my whatsapp list but can never get anymore reply from it.
He was a very cheerful motivated person.
I remember when he had his new born ,he expressed how happy he was and sometimes would wake up at night when his baby feeds the baby. I can tell he was a good father and husband and took leave to helpout at home and take care of his wife.
He dine's at my dad's Muhibbah Seafood occasionally and would send my random messages saying nyum , I am eating this and that...
I feel so sad that when I receive the msg from Arnaz I had no idea Fizi was him.
I pray that god will take good care of him and give his wife the courage to go on and bring up his children like how he would have.
Shocked yet nothing can be done.
Al-Fatiha to Rafizi again.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chinese food in Lyon ,Paris

I let the pictures
meilleure cuisine chinoise / asiatique à Paris


My France trip

17th February finally came, it was so closed to going to the airport. I had my luggage packed two weeks earlier, the time my soul partner was leaving for training as well. I kept myself busy by packing my luggage then. I was glad I did so because when the day finally came, I was all set to go. Had an early dinner and mum dropped me off at Taylors University at 8.30 pm. The ride felt shorter than expected as the anxiety level was so high, the night before I didn’t have a very deep sleep, I ended up falling asleep in the bus ride to KLIA. The bus stopped at level one just like old times when I went for competitions with the team except this time, it’s a university trip. I had my 80litres explorer backpack all set to fly. The check in went quite smooth with groups of four. We realized later that even if we were asked to check in with groups of four people our seats were all very far apart, so I didn’t understand that part why. We had a quick bite at Mc Donald’s with a few classmates and then head to the departure gate. It was still an hour before the gate opens. What else to do but sit and wait for time to pass. The shops were closed this time was passed midnight. I can only think of getting quick into the plane and fall asleep.
Finally the gate open and we went into the plane. I was seated next to one of my classmates someone I know thankfully. Off to Dubai we flew, within seven hours we arrived and had to walk to transit towards the next departure gate, we had about an hour or two but wasn’t quite in the mood for any shopping, I headed straight to departure gate and waited. The wait didn’t feel that long, we got on the flight heading to Charles de Gaulle airport, Paris. As we arrived and collected our luggage, at the exit there were 3 tour guides waiting for us, written Taylor’s University. They waited until everyone was out then lead us to the buses. The bus took us to Auterlitz train station. There use to be a luggage storing room however because it was a Sunday, it was closed. We then got permission to store our luggage into another area and some students took turns to take care of these luggage. I was very adventures even on the very first day. My dad’s ex employer still owns a restaurant nearby Auterlitz. Well it happen to be, made me even more excited as I asked the tour guides they pointed out to me roughly where it is. I started walking with the map and some parts run as we had a time constrain. I asked about 5people and was directed all over but the restaurant. It was getting late I headed back to Auterlitz disappointed and puzzled where is this restaurant. I had injured my last toe because of friction from my shoes.
The train ride to Toulouse is ready to board. However on our side, the train cubicle isn’t litted. One of the students said it feels scary in here, like a ghostly area. We sat all over but when the lights came up everyone went ‘ohhh’ because there are seat numbers and the train is full ! When we arrived Toulouse about midnight we had to carry our luggage to the hotel. It was about 1km in the cold with uneven road. I was happy I had a backpack, so glad. We reached the hotel and got our room keys and next news was to be downstairs at 7.30am. What great news we thought. I slept well and woke up for a jog the next morning to look around the area. It was cold but as I started after a while I felt comfortable. Got back to shower but my roommate was already in it, so I had to wait. She took more than 30 minutes, I told myself tomorrow’s jog has to be whey before they wake up. So as told, most of us did be on time at the lobby except for 2 Maldivians that claimed no one told them. Everyone went back to the same station we came from that midnight and took the metro to University Mirail. The welcome was breakfast of juices, croissants and coffee. Next we headed to the lecture theater for briefing on what to do for the management games. We as tourism students, with no background of restaurant business surely wasn’t an easy thing to do. Nevertheless we had to do it anyway, so we started filling in information to run a restaurant business, total people working in different departments, wages, advertisement fee and a few other information I don’t quite recall. It was stressful as most of us were very blurry in accounts as well as in all these information.
Lunch time and it was a relieved finally something to be happy about. Meals in university are said to taste horrible but this one? It was just perfect, healthy mixture but a lot as well and only for three euro’s, heaven. After lunch it was back to work and then off we go back to hotels, dinner and it was bed for me. The next morning came and I did wake up earlier for my jog and manage to be the first to shower, hooray. Today was the second day of management games but we found out that after lunch we are free to shop. I was so happy however my roommates went ahead of me, I did not notice but I thought oh well shopping alone can be nice so I won’t need to wait unless I find someone who clicks. At the train station I was with two couples but one of my classmates had difficulties in purchasing his ticket so we waited. When we actually arrived at our shopping heaven , Capitole. One couple wanted to go their way, I thought alright tagged onto the other but later they said they were going to have coffee, I said alright then I would go on shopping. This guy we waited for, insisted on following me. In fact he asked me if I would want to go sightseeing. I said no, you can go ahead, I want to shop. He refused claiming he was going to be lonely. Oh for heavens sake, you’re a guy and you can walk alone? I just found it annoying and I want to scream. I continued shopping and he followed after a few shops we met others and he said it’s okay I will follow them. In my mind I thought finally. I found out later on he keep demanding to the other girls to go along with him for sightseeing. I walked and end up bumping into my roommates and another girl. I ended up with the other girl as I was going back towards hotel to make a phone call and she was tired as well. I finally found some good company.
Pretty much the other two days in university was plan and strategy except for the last day my group was chosen to present in front of 280people. Our group were the last of the three to present. I thought to myself they can’t even speak, how do they do their class presentations? When it came to my turn to speak, I noticed I was shaking, now I realized how hard it was for them as well.
University management games are done . The next up was our tour to Carcassonne. I found it real boring and too touristy. It is the biggest castle in Europe . That was probably the only part that caught my attention. Right after this trip I jogged to Capitole again and bought myself a pair of jeans from Zara. It was just what I have been looking for since the other day we were let loose.
My feet were just in pain from running and walking too much. My toenails were too long but I could not find a nail clipper to clip it off either. I normally have it in my toiletry bag but this time not, I must have took it out the other day. The nails were poking into my next toe upward giving me more injuries. I bought plasters and from then on everyday it was plaster on each sides.
The second day we were brought to Albi an old city that still exist, also touristy but more shops. The thing that was really disappointing was during the free time we had, all shops were closed for lunch break. I managed to buy a bag for my mother though, leather for fifty euro’s. Next at Gaillac there was wine tasting. The bus then took us back to Toulouse. I followed two of my classmates to Louis Vitton and they both bought a bag each. Luckily I am not into it because I don’t own so much cash and wouldn’t want to spend that much using the credit card.
Sunday came and everyone was excited finally the whole day to ourselves to shop and do anything. At 8am the neighbor said to checkout by 10am, I was so sad because I couldn’t do my jog now or sleep after a jog. Immediately pack my bag ,shower and left it in baggage room. Sad to know but only the Flea market was open. Spend half the day here and walked around noticed a cemetery. I went in with a friend both very fascinated with the tombs. I snapped a picture and the guard immediately shouted picture no, delete now, I see. He obviously couldn’t speak French that well but I pretended not to understand anything either hoping I can keep the picture. I had to delete it anyhow. That night with extra things from shopping my bag was heavy and we had to walk to the train station to depart to Paris. We were booked beds of six to a room. I was so happy because I can sleep.
We arrived Auterlitz again got into the hotel stored our bags into a few rooms that were given in advanced. Off I went to meet my friend, the one I couldn’t find the first day I arrived. We went shopping all day , my feet was hurting so bad that it was swollen. By evening I went back to hotel to collect luggage but met up with her again later at night at her dad’s restaurant. The food was delicious, no regrets. They fed me well and dropped me back at the hotel after dinner. They offered to take me around but my eyes can barely open. We made an appointment to meet at 5pm the next day.
The last morning in Paris I shopped next to the hotel and got some good deals. My feet just hurt so much to walk any further. The evening came and I thought it’s the last day give it some push. Went to our meet up point but could not find her even 30minutes later. I being not a very good mandarin speaker tried my luck asking a Chinese man for help , at least he was nicer than the French. He asked if I wanted to make a call from his mobile, I said yes and was glad he offered. Met up with Celine had hot chocolate. We were there intentionally to find me a luggage bag as République is known for luggage bags. Suddenly it crossed my mind, instead of spending on a bag, can I use a box instead? Instantly I told Celine about my idea and she said that she will ask her dad if he has any spare ones, which he does in the restaurant, perfect. We window shopped until 7.30pm ending up at Bastille where the old prison was build. It was demolished but the pillar representing the prisons existence was still at the roundabout stood a pillar that had a golden statue in the middle.
We boarded the train and headed to the restaurant. Uncle Chung, Celine’s dad bought scallops and French crabs for dinner. It was served together with the restaurants specialty sweet sour squids. The meal ended with imported Swiss ice cream by nestle. I felt so at home. They again dropped me back to the hotel and it was time for me to pack my things. My 80 liter bag plus one box with a hand carried backpack. With transit at Dubai again for 5hours we had a meal voucher and got home safely. The bus had an option of to Taylor’s university or Ridzuan condominium. I chose Taylor’s university thinking to take the bus but all of these crooks just want to overcharge me without using the meter. I was with all those bag and boxes over 26kgs from one end to the other decided to ask my mother for help. Lucky enough she got home earlier that day and it only took us 15minutes or less to reach home.

emptyness without you

It's been a months plus that you're not around,
Thank you for calling but that was coz u got sick.
I am so worried but I guess as long as I don't hear from you,
it's all good news and nothing to worry.
Take all my strength for your test and journey.
May Allah be with you at all times.
I hope u remember to keep your prayers although times are hard.
Always seek for his help and the test would be easier.
I wish that you are always by my side,
I miss you so much.
EVerynight I look at my phone and there is no you to call or text or argue.
Aku cinta kepadamu, aku rindu pada satu,
this song makes me cry.
I need you yayang, let's pray that this 2months would fly by and we can be together again.
Please don't go without me again please.
I don't want to be alone, yes I have my family but..
it's not the same without you.
I tell you everything, now who do I tell?