Wednesday, May 28, 2014

selection of speech

Sometimes when you speak you hurt someone but depends on  what you say.
The truth sometimes hurts but then again is there a right or wrong thing to say?
I wish there was a guideline. Often i say the wrong things? Stresses  me out. Cannot like this like that.
Then what? Living with heaps of restrictions make it hard to live freely. It is said that in Malaysia we are a 2nd class country also because we cannot speak freely and media are not allowed to publish too exposed news but arent ppl suppose to know the truth??
Take a chill pill. Peace out gòod night. Love watching my lil fella at bedtime

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Please help fund lil Ethan

Everyone out there who wants to help street children,
stop poverty and make changes in peoples lives.
Please help fund little Ethan as he and his mom is going on a mission trip
Do read more on this link
Both his parents have been doing mission trips and have helped many people out there.
Ethan can go on a mission trip also because he is home schooled.
Make a change today.
Help people in need by just contributing a small amount of fund.
Change life's take a step make your move.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

New blender to have a Banana Smoothie & pumpkin soup

So finally got a blender..
I had faith in this brand Butterfly only because mum said they were a very famous brand back in those days
because of their stove.
It's a actually a Singaporean Pte Ltd company.
The blender works great
Butterfly B591

It is the cheapest blender with a stainless steel metal piece to churn the blades. RM470 on lazada.
It blends ice and nuts perfectly.
I made pumpkin soup with a mixture of 
half a large pumpkin
2 large carrots
a can of chick pea
about 4glasses of milk
some water
It's a vegetarian meal.
It was so creamy and delicious...I blended everything then boiled it .It was still lumpy hence reblend after boiling it became perfect. Flavour can be improved and in salt to your taste bud.

The other thing i made was banana smoothie
This never taste better than any other store outside.
I had 6bananas
3glasses of milk
3 oreo biscuits
and ice
wow it was like ice cream super yummy.

Whats best? It was like baby food. My 13month old loved it . He kept opening his mouth without me having to ask and he just stood on the spot. This boy of mine doesn't normally sit still during meal times.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Resuming work after being a mommy

Being a mom and now into the workforce isn't easy.
You have to learn to juggle between time and baby.
Baby needs to adapt too.
Thank god he's already 1year old now.
After his 1st birthday, I resume work 2weeks later.
This was quite a shock to #Babybenyamin in the beginning
but he go the hang of it I guess.
Work is interesting a lot to explore after being out of the workforce certainly has more to findout.
I hope that my milk production will be sufficient for my baby until he turns 2.
Thats almost a year from now.
I dont think it's impossible as he still drinks alot.