Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to be proud if this happens in Malaysia?

Malaysian imigation has a bad attitude! I passed raya cookies to my maid for her kakak back in indonesia. The imigration officer stopped her ask her to take out the cookies, as she left,they started eating it! what the hell? Malaysia law is so terrible! no enforcement,big bullies to foreigners.
This is the worse scenario I heard from someone i know in the airport. If you stop her and took it ,throw it away, not eat it...fucked up people..
Malaysia? a fair good country?
where is justice?
Poor indonesian's getting bullied.
Every dog has its day.
I hope that officer does not have an easy life.
Terrible,bad people,it wasn't Halal for them because they stole it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September 2011

This year is flying,by the year end?
it's over!~
wow...and 6months from then before i graduate...
omg time flies.
drank too much chinese tea again,not asleep.
What's new?
nothing apart from I am going to make another quiche 2row.
this time it's going to be tuna quiche...
got to get cream and butter tomorrow.
The rest?
I have,still in stock.
My vanilla essence of's all gone..hahaha.can't believe how much i've been baking recently.
Certainly a new hobby?or a long hidden talent.
When what u bake becomes's just perfecto

Friday, September 2, 2011

Lasagna is very simple

Lasagna is sooooooooooo simple,maybe because i used the pasta sheet too but if i made my own sheet it would have been nicer I bet!
own sheet has to be kneaded with water and wheat flour though.
cook cream sauce-use cream,milk ,butter , cheddar cheese and some salt + pepper.
soak pasta sheet in hot water.
cook minced beef in tomato paste and mix in carrots,pepper ,salt, parsley, onions and garlic.
lay the pasta sheet at the bottom then layer the meat mixture,
Add a layer of cream white sauce,
2nd layer of the pasta sheet,layer of white sauce,the meat mixture
white sauce again then layer the 3rd layer of pasta sheet,
This time a very thin layer of meat mixture,white sauce then load of cheddar and mozarella cheese.
Preheat the oven at 200 celcius microwave oven.
Bake at 180 degree microwave oven for about 20-25minutes.
Your lasagna is DONE.

Before it's cooked

After it's cooked

Quiche successful

Like i said I was going to make a quiche?
or didn't I?
I always loved quiche.
They say the spinach quiche goes well with feta.
However in Malaysia feta cost so much.
I bought cream instead and cheese ofcourse
cheddar+ mozarella.
Things I used were 2cups of wheat flour press into half a butter cube which was about 120g.
Recipe said to cut the butter into cubes then press the flour in.
The butter isn't suppose to be mashy because then there's no more space?
I didn't get it however. add in a teaspoon of salt i added milk total about almost half a cup of the flour earlier and slight water till the dough sticks together.
The roll out the dough until it looks even and place over the baking pan.
preheat microwave oven at 200degree celcius.
Put the dough in and bake for 8-10minutes,does not have to turn brown,as long as it's cooked n slight harden.
As for the mixture of the filling.
i bought too much spinach , it has to be boiled then squeeze the water out and stir fry with diced onions.
It is too your liking.How much onions you want to add in.
Do add a little salt to flavour and pepper.
Put this spinach mixture into the dough tray.
Next slice some tomatoes and add into the tray.
Sprinkle the cheddar over all those heavy ingredients.
You will need to use about 6-7eggs and cream.
Beat this mixture and add tinge of salt and pepper again.
Pour this mixture into the tray ,you can use a fork to slightly lighten the mixture,just so it sets in between the spinach.
Now the top crust part sprinkle a little more cheddar and mozarella .
This I baked for 180degree microwave oven at low heat. for 10minutes
and another 10 at 200 degree microwave oven at low heat.

Good Luck.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Up next on my menu would be Quiche

I always love to eat spinach quiche back in Australia.
I would go for it weekly or maybe at least once a month.
Or whenever i get a chance.
Now I am going to learn to make the things i love to eat.
ain't that the best?
being able to make something you like to eat?
Not depending on others?
I don't know where the inspiration came from but...
here goes I am going to try to make all sorts.
first was the Pan Mee ,currypuff.
Then cakes, cookie and now my Quiche.
Will post up the recipe once my Spinach quiche turn out well.
hopefully by tomorrow?hurmm....
i'm already feeling hungry

The successful semperit cookie

Semprit is finally done!
i mixed up
400g of corn flour (butterfly brand)
100g of custard powder(by craft,Bird )
100g of wheat flour(anchor/sauh brand)
250g of butter(buttercup)
200g of sugar(the recipe said castor but i added in normal fine sugar,it still went well)
1teaspoon of vanilla essence

Being me...always mixing all at once,however it's better to mix up the butter and sugar first then add in the flour because if not the flour would be spilling all over when trying to make the butter into small pieces.
Add in all then roll out dough and use the cookie cutter or some people use the pressed out machine to make shapes.
I used the microwave oven , at 160 degree for about 8-10minutes.
My microwave does not have a consistent flow of heat sometimes the cookies at the sides get cooked faster. However it's best to look see while shaping the others.
Do not forget to preheat the oven for about 3-4minutes pre baking.
goodluck on your Semperit cookie/biscuit.
It's my first attempt and I got it :) hope you do too.