Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Living in Malacca a tourist town

Being a Malaysian and a student in the tourism field,
it seemed familiar the name Malacca,
but actually getting around takes sometime to get use to, I have yet to have found any
Chinese halal cuisine, which makes me misses Muhibbah Seafood , Sungai Penchala, Kuala Lumpur a lot.
There are a few good halal eateries in Malacca I found during lunch hour.
The ones I personally like are nasi berlauk which means white rice with many choices.
The shop named Selera Kampung in Plaza Mahkota it is on the first right as you go into the area just before Mahkota parade facing Dataran on your left.
The other place my colleague introduced to me was Tiga Lima which stands for 35 aparently they use to be a stall and now they have a shoplot and named it after the stall lot number. This to me was so-so, there weren't that many dishes.
Ole Rasa in Melaka raya has 30 over dishes and Ikan bakar, barbeque fish the malay style. These 3eateries are not very pricey however I wouldn't rate them as cheap either.
Maybe because it's in Malacca and quite accesible by the tourist.
Thinking about lunch again....where to eat next?
I do feel like a working tourist in this Malacca town.
About dinner, I eat simple so i'm not exactly sure where's good.
Oh speaking of dinner there's a place that sells Nasi Padang in Melaka raya, I forgot the name of the shop but it's on the same street as Maybank in Melakaraya, that is quite pricey but the food is also tasty. They are open both dinner as well as lunch.