Thursday, August 22, 2013

Becoming a mother

Motherhood are some one special.
It is always said When you became a mother you will understand.
Now its changes your life.
The hardship of era ini goes to the child's future.
I have always loved children and want to work with them.
Having my own from the day I conceived I couldn't wait to meet my lilone.
He is our joy and definitely some one i look forward to seeing each day.
I want to setup a playschool for toddlers and also some where babies can be placed not only to eat and sleep but also where They would be entertained.
Every child deserves be treated with excitement and joy.
With the help of an old time friend,this seems more possible.
She graduated from London in early childhood education and runs childcare plus kindergarten in Johor Bahru. 20 over tears of experience is great knowledge earn.
Hopefully this plan in Muar would be commencing soon.
I want to work on This Even more with the existence of my #lilbub