Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Muhibbah Seafood @ dad's

It's our family all time gathering reunions just like many other families.
Although it's my dad's I seldom eat there.
Therefore everytime we eat...I overeat and end up being toooo full.
But I love a long list of it let me start.
Deep fried spring rolls,
Deep fried squids,
2 types of fishes the deep fried with soy sauce or the thai style one,
Beef,the only place i eat beef!!!! Black pepper beef,
chicken Lemon chicken is the most famous one,
I like my Hokkien Noodles because it is the only nice Halal one i tasted!
Yes,yes I am chinese but I do not take pork!
what else... Cantonese beef kuey teow, the wantan noodles soup!
we're on facebook too just search for

The address is abit senget...need to get a nicer pict of it huh?!?
Chinese Halal with reasonable pricing and relaxed place especially for family time....once again NYUMMMM

Sunday, April 17, 2011

bar stools

get some to enchance a beautiful look in your kitchen bar

sample of some dining chairsfor restaurants

chairs for a restaurant, at an average restaurant style.
check out the chairs they are so attractive

with chrome finish table legs/ stainless steel/epoxy silver legs

This is what I do

Minimalist Concepts ..
what is Minimalist?
basically we are a company that sell furnitures such as indoor and outdoor furniture as well as tableware.
If you are thinking of renovating anything, your home,office,shop.
Do look for me.
If you need consultation on what colour fits in, size of sofa,table needed?
plates for a new restaurant, it is certainly what we're good at too.
Our other popular item is definitely our Sofa's.
Premium fine fabric,custom made furnitures.
Oh but I am sorry we don't do cupboards.
but if you need a reference I do know some.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The ride?

I tell everyone,it's easy la...nothing is easier than cycling.
Now i finally understood why people say it's hard.
why do my friends feel upset when they get left behind or not being able to keep up feels depressing to some.
I felt the same.
and yes,being unfit sucks!
hey but you have to work for what u want.
All I want is my fitness back.
just to be in shape..about the competition?
haven't thought that far yet.
I am already comfortable now I guess that's why I am not thinking.
but not being able to keep up on a 70km ride?that sucks!

Monday, April 4, 2011

At a bicycle shop in Malaysia

Have you been to a place that someone shoots you in the face
even that u don't know them?
Well...if u want to try this....try visiting a bike shop in sea park area...
and you will then get your experience.
earlier today I brought a friend that was very keen on a new bicycle.
I told her that this bike shop offers a good range of bicycles.
Maria was very keen on the bicycles and this really good sales person entertained us.
later the owner said straight in my friends face ...
you are very short.
U're a very short girl ahh!
U didn't eat or what?
Ouch didn't that just insult my friend?
I was just stunned and so was she...
as we left he asked me some personal question on why did i change my appearance?
I said well it's done now....nothing can be turned back..
he continued again but it looks unnatural and ugly!
I mean which human that does sales has this kind of mouth?
No wonder 10years ago so many people avoided his shop?
But as a teenager I still went not wanting to realize the fact!
who cares now?
I am no longer cycling!!
Plus the truth came out...
To me it's just another day but if he said it to the wrong person...
aha..who knows what lands on his skin next?
to find out?wait for the future?!?!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Not easy being me

I wish that life was simple.
At least I try to make it simple.
But there are way too many obligations to follow to please.
I am just a nut a big one.
i should keep it all inside me.
I want to let go but I dont know how.
The only time we meet is on the weekends but I have other things that has to be done.
I got to take care of my grandfather.
He is suffering Alzheimer a disease that is really hard to understand.
He forgets and keeps repeating the same forever,same old questions and sometime even scolds you for no reason or accuse u of something in his mind happens but not.
It's stressful I can understand from my mum's side how she is feeling but also from my grandfathers side what he is feeling being followed all day by someone.
It's just a big stress and something no one understands.
I have very limited time to spend, I try to be a good person.
But i think I fail, i try to make most people happy but i guess I am not pleasing enough?
what should i do?
I am not good in anything at all.I am useless, just useless and no use to anyone accept when help is needed.
I am ignored, I need to talk to someone but I have no one.
Always occupied,hate the military,taking him away from me.
There is no time,for anything!!! NO LIFE.
Makes me more stress,i thought get a weekday job so i have the weekend, end up...taking care of my grandpa?????
Until when do I have to go through this?
should i move on?
Get a house and live alone?
I don't even have a bed for heavens sake!
it's just pathetic to be in a place where I call home like that.
I need to scream my lungs out