Thursday, July 24, 2014

Msc Tourism starting soon

I have been working for around 2months plus when suddenly there are a group chat from a friend asking if I want to do my masters there will be a grant by university.
How often does such offers come anyway?
Really rare...
I was so interested and hence my journey to it shall be starting.
It will be my research on rural areas that's connected and how tourism makes an impact on it.
I have not been able to do much research yet but truly this journey would start soon,
it would be a very interesting journey and so much to learn as i embark on this journey,
do stay tune for updates as I travel and when my proposal is ready,
it will be the beginning of it.
I pray hard that I will do well for this research.

Monday, June 9, 2014

A trampoline deal

Saw some mommies selling off their trampolines and then I saw one offer a real good deal.
Unfortunately it was way too big for our petite garden, the fact that we now have
a fish pond,duck cage,chicken +birds coop.
I wonder whats a good age for children to start jumping on a trampoline though?
I need a big land with space for him to run free...ahhaha...does it sound like a dream house?
The house need not be large..I'd rather a house which has just enough space but a big yard with a lot of things to do outdoor apart from the mosquitoes.
A pool would be nice but it has to be kinda enclosed.
Dream on Uracca!
but dreams do come true that's true!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

producing less milk

Resumed work about a month now.
I like my job a lot putting packages together and marketing it.
It is very interesting , I guess I am one of the lucky ones who love what they do!
However knowing my son still wants milk and I am not producing as much, I pity him.
At night he latches on but not much left, I bring home about 7oz a day now :(
I think I make maybe 15oz If I am lucky throughout the day.
Geez thats little and my baby is only 13months, he doesn't want any formula or fresh milk.
Only mummy's milk.
It's so cute how he can point and say nenen now.
I never refer it to nenen but always milk milk.
I hope i can sustain to produce milk for him until he's 2years old....thats 10months plus from now :S
Got to keep expressing!
#breastfeeding #mummies #waytogo

Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Investments is an important part in life.
It is important to have savings and without savings means hard to sustain the future inflation.
However pick your right investment. I purchased gold and in bar form, it is such a waste i feel because now the price has dropped. Whats worse there's a fee or certain percentage drop to sell it off.
I think the best and safest investment is still mutual funds.
People always disagree due to China funds that are not doing well but look at the big picture other than China funds are there anything else that made big losses?
Shares can be good but you really need to know your market and keep yourself up to date.
However with the existing Public mutual funds that contributes over 41% of the bursa Malaysia it definitely is doing well.
Need more info on Public Mutual checkout their website and to make an investment please get an agent that will service you instead of one that will be MIA after selling you the fund.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

moving on w life

Sometimes you think back n say no i wont do that and it happened.
You think things would change but it didn't.
After many years still all the shit but what the hell?
That's life! There's always going to be competition wherever you go. That's just coz u've probably have the best or just can't let it go.
You find new things and become more stable. It's a new way of life.
About my smoothie journey....hmmm
i need to go get some fruits to make it happen..
but lil one isn't going to wake up just yet.
maybe because today mummy's around when i'm sleeping!

I've got an obsession and its my son. He's my everything.
Thank you yyg for being with me and having baby #benyamin. He's our light bulb this cheeky one.
Speaking of him he's to get my fruits in minutes

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

selection of speech

Sometimes when you speak you hurt someone but depends on  what you say.
The truth sometimes hurts but then again is there a right or wrong thing to say?
I wish there was a guideline. Often i say the wrong things? Stresses  me out. Cannot like this like that.
Then what? Living with heaps of restrictions make it hard to live freely. It is said that in Malaysia we are a 2nd class country also because we cannot speak freely and media are not allowed to publish too exposed news but arent ppl suppose to know the truth??
Take a chill pill. Peace out gòod night. Love watching my lil fella at bedtime

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Please help fund lil Ethan

Everyone out there who wants to help street children,
stop poverty and make changes in peoples lives.
Please help fund little Ethan as he and his mom is going on a mission trip
Do read more on this link
Both his parents have been doing mission trips and have helped many people out there.
Ethan can go on a mission trip also because he is home schooled.
Make a change today.
Help people in need by just contributing a small amount of fund.
Change life's take a step make your move.