Sunday, June 1, 2014

moving on w life

Sometimes you think back n say no i wont do that and it happened.
You think things would change but it didn't.
After many years still all the shit but what the hell?
That's life! There's always going to be competition wherever you go. That's just coz u've probably have the best or just can't let it go.
You find new things and become more stable. It's a new way of life.
About my smoothie journey....hmmm
i need to go get some fruits to make it happen..
but lil one isn't going to wake up just yet.
maybe because today mummy's around when i'm sleeping!

I've got an obsession and its my son. He's my everything.
Thank you yyg for being with me and having baby #benyamin. He's our light bulb this cheeky one.
Speaking of him he's to get my fruits in minutes


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