Sunday, March 31, 2013

What lies beneath

A life one goes through is unpredictable, there's no such things as a perfect person...
As nice a person can be there ought to be someone that person annoys.
People change for the better, I do not believe in an overnight change nor believe in changing due to what people say, unless of course it's relevant.
This past months wasn't easy for me especially,so much in my head.
Husband being far away, it's sad.
Thank god I have my family and to be living in a comfortable home.
However I don't think I live a normal life, grandparents lives with us.
It was full on attention once again since the maid left..
 If I ignore then my own mother would have to take the burden full on..
But sometimes I just come to a stage,don't care,go to bed.
Why is it seem so hard? Grandpa with dementia, hopefully grandmother will be better n play along.
I know I will work hard to have my own place to live one day,
How I wish husband has more time for me..
I feel lonely at times and don't know who to talk to.
Parents are there but it's so different.
I hope to give my child the best...
And some peace hopefully,
Allah please be with me and guide me in everything I do.
I want to do it well for my husband,child and family.