Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Manik urai cookies and marble cake for raya

I did 1st round of cookies wasn't successful and now the 2nd roung was great.
As for the marble cake I had to make about 8times of cakse before i could achieve a nice cake!
It's finally the right texture. Not soggy at the bottom.
I followed the recipe on the MFM flour box with adds on my own recipe which was milk!
to make it less dry.

moving on...i want to try out the semperit cookies instead.
Semperit....gosh there are so many recipes over the internet i searched for recipe for semperit cookies...
Will upload which one i used later on when it's done!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Updated! click

2 days to balik Kampung.
I never felt more excited than this year.
Thing to do before leaving for raya.
Have to pack pack....
clothes for 5days, make sure all undergarments are included
* or else shopping again!
bake cakes for tomorrow to pack for Sunday.
Do not forget to take things bought and stored in the cupboard...
if lupa...alamak!
i think i better take it out first...
wow long list of things to do and learn.
super duper excited.
Bake a cake ,bake a cake...
target by october loose another 5kgs!!!!!!!!!
Ramadhan did help quite a bit.i lost almost 5kgs already!
Ramadhan does help a person to loose weight,however it shall not be put as priority.
DO eat or else you will be lethargic and might faint!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

4 days to raya?

Raya cookies sales are over....but now it's assignment time
and more assignments to come.
Raya, raya so excited to go to rumah mak...
miss the family.
To bad it's uncertain if everyone will be home or not?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I noticed

heaps of crazy women out there.
do all sorta shit for men?
but why do we keep doing so...
those movies,it's all real...
geez,this world is crazy isn't it?
The past did make me laugh a lot thinking back.
It was like kids arguing and fighting..
Why do people always accuse another without seeing why or how?
there has to be a reason for sure.
Oh god,please just let me live in peace for the coming future,
give me all the patience needed.
I am thankful for today.