Wednesday, April 10, 2013

37 weeks with all the baggage

I would say my pregnancy is pretty smooth.
Although there was some complications in the first 3months,
But I m so stress being home.
To stay home n face my grandparents everyday,
1forgets and has weak legs,
The other is pure irritating and ignorant.
I want to have. Normal life where I can speak to my parents normally without their attention half way onto my grandfather.
Both of them are busy,so busy and still have to attend to all other things..
I may sound selfish but wasting and seeing our life pass by doing nothing?
So I guess doesn't mean that people who have everything are always contented or happy?
Expecting my child soon and I just feel so exhausted but if I do not help to lookout,
My parents will...I can't stay with my husband because he is always on the run,
Sad huh?
I guess I choose this way and life, but everytime we meet I feel really happy like nothing matters anymore and even my baby jumps n kicks with excitement.
So much in my head yet it's inappropriate to express everything here,
Shall keep it and find a way to let it go..
God please guide me to being a better granddaughter ,daughter and even a wife.
I don't know what to do, I do not want to let this feeling harm my lil one.