Saturday, February 26, 2011

being a hero

Had mozzie bites...
can't take it..
sis bought netting and tape...
it was too high
due to smartness stick the lower part and top part?ohh ooo...
so we had to come up with this idea

New Job Hunt

There are a few options I am looking at.
I really don't care what it is....
i just want a job nearer to home and off on at least sundays or weekends.
is that too much to ask?
i wonder.
I want a job...
but also...see money plays a role
collecting more money for my holiday

the other day at KFC i ate

i ate alot!!!

after all of these..i felt sick in the tummy wanting to puke
just wanted to eat and eat that feeling u know!
but realize.....never again!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


is that part of life?
I am so sick of it...
every small thing i get condamned?
well it feels that way.
I ask hopefully to get an answer?
not another question.
it's annoying!!!
I need my life back....
going out tonight.
Mr have been busy attending a course.
Am all alone.
this sucks....
my brain is fried up
I need to study and obviously this way I can't!!!
Need my life
SHa La La la laaaa....
Need my life
SHa la la la laaaa.....
oey oeeyy oooo
Here I move into my life
throwing away all the unwanted
Sha la la la laaa
here goes,
whatever, I am getting out of this place tonight

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Muhibbah Seafood's officially opened!

A whole lot of people arrived, roughly 1000pax?
well....the event would be said as successful

Thursday, February 17, 2011

life's obligations

is to be a sucked up person...
suck it up and move on...
for those who can't survive will normally suck up to people!
so they will survive...
or bribing malay we say KIPAS
which means fan someone.
to keep their cool....or to make they comfortable to get what u want.
this is in the daily scenarios.
however i suck at this so...
that's why I am no longer a cyclist!
that's why...
I say what i think is true, I am tooooo honest.
that's why I am no longer a Cyclist.
People dislike me for speaking the truth!
Well...good luck on the new members recruited.
yes they can suck up but to perform is another thing?
i thought there was suppose to be a standard? before able to participate in international games?
weren't there any?
I guess not anymore is there?

The long weekend awaits

Well slightly longer than before..i normally have one day or max 2 days .
since i worked ,havent had much time to shop or to...
look around.
I wish that i had more.
few days i have so many things on my mind.
Exams are really close now,
but how come, I don't feel like studying?
have i got sick of it?
would i be taking my degree?
i shall or else?
i get nothing for this year that has passed.
another year? again?
i guess it's meant to be.
it's to challenge me
and yes I do feel challenged.
I want to ride that bike again but just for fun this time.
I think it's still in me...
haven't ridden for a very long time but i did a 80km ride and
I am just fine?
ain't that bad am I?
anyway the weekend awaits.
Muhibbah Seafood's opening at Sg Penchala,
12pm Sunday afternoon but for invited guest only!

switch job /not?

i wonder...
i want a higher pay for my trip.
I want something more challenging.
now the question is how much would i be getting.
this would be a very big issue on me :)
I will survive ,yes i know.
but how much would i get?
it's yet to be determine,
i would wait until saturday.
to know how muchhhhh

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Disgusting situations I encountered

When I when home,and return .
There was a gift...
had to wash the toilet!!!

When I was sick..i had to go to

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

sweet stopover

he popped in to say hello
but my hp was on silent.
didn't get to see until i was at lunch!
guess that's it..
the story.
I had dessert i would say.
yummy ice kacang and banana chips
:) thank you for coming

Monday, February 14, 2011

was Valentine's

a worldwide lovers day..
show all the love.
I was sick....
but still received love.
It felt good in the heart but physically am still sick.
I've got this big headache,
wonder what's this about?
since yesterday at work.
slept about 8pm ,woke up the next morning at 8am and still with the same headache!!!
Woke up about 9pm sweating though.
Geez, I want to feel normal.
this headache makes me feel like i am spinning.
Maybe because I haven't seen you ?
Aha...maybe i miss home too?
now i have got to move my arse to start studying

the past lives in the past

what's gone is gone.
what's now might not be forever.
what's past is a lesson,
that helps us carry on.
something to be learnt from it.
be wiser,
always look at urself before others.
If everyone does this,the world would be a better place.
what's past lives in the past.
While today lives appreciate and do not complaint.
this will help give the presence more meaning into life.
C'est la vie.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Needing to shop!

I'm a city girl...
i need to shop and shop..
I need to see the shopping mall...
clothes, shoes...
I miss those so much :(
why no shops here?
been a while since i went away...
I haven't had much time
Really it's just a phase of life I am guessing
Will hope to see the shops soon,and get
some more clothes..
ohh my there will go all my money...
but what else should i do?
keep saving?
and shop later?
hmm might be a good idea

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CNY eve

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CNY preparation

Everyone is coming over tonight....
so happy, i never looked forward to CNY or feel it was important.
but I am not sure why but this time I do...
when i think of it to have my grandpa around, it is so happy but when will we be able to celeb CNY like this again?
next year, would he still be around?
I hope, I hope.
This CNY is going to be meaningful for me.
As I write my tear roll down my cheeks.
Thank god for making me appreciate this CNY.
I finally understand why when I don't go back before parents felt sad.
Now i get it, i feel it.
I am sorry for the past and hopefully I can make it every chinese New Year in future.