Monday, January 16, 2012

My home with life of an Alzheimer patient

Grandpa we adress him as yea2,
grandma as nai2...
Grandpa has memory loss and always ask to go home.
we employed a cambodian maid to help assist grandpa.
Since then grandma became weird...
always finding faults with the maid named Jun.
Today grandpa was about to standup,
Nai nai called out Jun....yea yea said why u call her?
No need, then nai nai says your father already told her to sit here at night and be on standby so when yea yea get up she is around.
Never listen, blah3...nai nai complaints to me.
She continued fed up la everyday same story.
I answered quite rudely I admit but I am fed up of her complaints too.
Whenever I try to spend more time with my grandparents,
she makes me feel like i regret going down to be around them.
So...back to it, I said Nai, I have a pair of years and I am sick of listening too. If you don't like anything about Jun tell her not me!
At that time Jun was assisting yea yea to the toilet.
Nai nai just said WOI, I am talking to you,hear or not?
Never answer, rude! in actual fact, nai nai was complaining to me!!!
She just throw her tantrum on Jun.
I went away for a while to the kitchen, came back yea yea was in bed.
Apparently yea yea was so sleepy and have to be carried into bed!
Jun said nai nai gave yea yea 3 pils tonight which she normally gives only two! SO I asked how many pils did you give yea yea , why is he so sleepy.
Nai nai got furious and started screaming histerically and talking as if I am deaf when yea yea in the room was already totally unconcious in bed.
I said can you please talk softer, yea yea is sleeping.
She couldn't care less and said, I give normal amount.
You think I want to poison my own husband ah she said,
why would she even say that right?
However the maid saw there was 1 pil extra, later nai nai said i forgot one earlier!...
I am also not sure..but nai nai is unhappy with maid.
Nai nai told the other maid Sukilah saya nak cekik dia.
SUkilah said calm down or your blood pressure will rise,
nai nai said let it be. Let me die and be a ghost so I can kill the maid.
Sukilah said everyone complaints to me, I am so tension,frusrated to listen to all this.
what to do? really nothing much can be done.
Just wish that my grandma would play along and be more calm instead of ignoring my yea yea. When she cares, it's when the maid is there...
Trying to check every detail of Jun's movement in handling yea yea. To pick up a mistake.
Poor Jun too...i pity my nai nai that she has to face yea yea's grumpyness but not that he wants.
If only she was more relaxed and not pick up on the maid,
my home that I live in would be such a peaceful one.
Reporting because I don't know who to talk to.
Everyone is sick of this.