Thursday, June 5, 2014

producing less milk

Resumed work about a month now.
I like my job a lot putting packages together and marketing it.
It is very interesting , I guess I am one of the lucky ones who love what they do!
However knowing my son still wants milk and I am not producing as much, I pity him.
At night he latches on but not much left, I bring home about 7oz a day now :(
I think I make maybe 15oz If I am lucky throughout the day.
Geez thats little and my baby is only 13months, he doesn't want any formula or fresh milk.
Only mummy's milk.
It's so cute how he can point and say nenen now.
I never refer it to nenen but always milk milk.
I hope i can sustain to produce milk for him until he's 2years old....thats 10months plus from now :S
Got to keep expressing!
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