Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Investments is an important part in life.
It is important to have savings and without savings means hard to sustain the future inflation.
However pick your right investment. I purchased gold and in bar form, it is such a waste i feel because now the price has dropped. Whats worse there's a fee or certain percentage drop to sell it off.
I think the best and safest investment is still mutual funds.
People always disagree due to China funds that are not doing well but look at the big picture other than China funds are there anything else that made big losses?
Shares can be good but you really need to know your market and keep yourself up to date.
However with the existing Public mutual funds that contributes over 41% of the bursa Malaysia it definitely is doing well.
Need more info on Public Mutual checkout their website and to make an investment please get an agent that will service you instead of one that will be MIA after selling you the fund.


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