Friday, July 1, 2011

Want to ride

Been planing on this Saturday to ride but....there doesn't seem good
Haven't ridden in a week.
down with Flu.
i even slept all day today.
This life is going upside down...
ohh well..where's the motivation coming from?
I have a meeting with Daniel on Monday,
wonder what he has for me?
a part time job?
sounds good ain't it?
when you pray and ask from God,
u'll mostly get what u want.
If u never ask,u never get.
I m just facing my bike,watching it sit there.
I want to get on it,it's in the house on the trainer...
but so hard..
i think maybe it's time to rest.
Been trying to juggle to many things at a time..
Last week was rather interesting, rode in a race.
I was 3rd overall the 2nd rider had a puncture.
When i turned back 5km to finish i saw the 'punctured' rider being pushed by her guy friend.
I then thought to fair?
she overtook me without him pushing....then I just kept up.
When he see me keeping up he finally decided to push her in front of my eyes.
I thought to myself,how am I to win this? I tried hard,but without the training?
I'm not going to make it.
It shows how fair the cycling in Malaysia is...
although it was a fun ride,..they already cheated,what if this kind of riders get selected for national races?
It would be a big embarrassment to the country. Outsider with then have a image of Malaysian national rider are all cheaters.
I can swear, I have never cheated in any races,although i was get accused!
God if quite fair so normally I still win with the hard training i put in.
If i ever go in another race although its for fun,i will make sure i am 80% fit.
This was its impossible for anyone to cheat.
and Yes I still miss my bike,can't wait next to ride.


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