Sunday, July 10, 2011

The life novel

I am a human being, a small heart with a lot of ambition.
Created by God to fulfill the world.
I don't know what is exactly right or wrong.
The saying goes,follow your feelings but it's stated it's wrong to follow your feelings blindly.
so what is correct?
what is the aim in life?
what is certain?what needs to be chased?
how to achieve that goal?
It's not a bed of roses but a land of rocks and stones?
it's pretty harsh when you fall for sure.
I can never think at times what is right and wrong.
what is the next step to take?
How would i know? To HIM i pray and ask direction.
But what i receive is yet to be known.
is it truly from him or is it just what i think is right?
how to tell? Oh life is confusing isn't it?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Want to ride

Been planing on this Saturday to ride but....there doesn't seem good
Haven't ridden in a week.
down with Flu.
i even slept all day today.
This life is going upside down...
ohh well..where's the motivation coming from?
I have a meeting with Daniel on Monday,
wonder what he has for me?
a part time job?
sounds good ain't it?
when you pray and ask from God,
u'll mostly get what u want.
If u never ask,u never get.
I m just facing my bike,watching it sit there.
I want to get on it,it's in the house on the trainer...
but so hard..
i think maybe it's time to rest.
Been trying to juggle to many things at a time..
Last week was rather interesting, rode in a race.
I was 3rd overall the 2nd rider had a puncture.
When i turned back 5km to finish i saw the 'punctured' rider being pushed by her guy friend.
I then thought to fair?
she overtook me without him pushing....then I just kept up.
When he see me keeping up he finally decided to push her in front of my eyes.
I thought to myself,how am I to win this? I tried hard,but without the training?
I'm not going to make it.
It shows how fair the cycling in Malaysia is...
although it was a fun ride,..they already cheated,what if this kind of riders get selected for national races?
It would be a big embarrassment to the country. Outsider with then have a image of Malaysian national rider are all cheaters.
I can swear, I have never cheated in any races,although i was get accused!
God if quite fair so normally I still win with the hard training i put in.
If i ever go in another race although its for fun,i will make sure i am 80% fit.
This was its impossible for anyone to cheat.
and Yes I still miss my bike,can't wait next to ride.